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by Kyle Pearson

We had the chance to talk to Raleigh resident and budding producer Atomika about his life, love for music, and EDM in general. Moving to the “Triangle” when he was 5 from New York and now living in Raleigh, Adam “Atomika” Allington started carving out his contribution to the EDM world in stellar fashion. From playing B.A.D.A.S.S. Raves’ first North Carolina show to opening up for Krewella next week, Adam has proven time and time again he can perform at the level of a professional DJ and producer. He plays at weekly and monthly shows all over NC, which has helped him hone his skills and share the stage with such artists as Alesso, Michael Woods, Terravita, DJ Bl3nd, Nerd Rage, Prototype Raptor, DBerrie, & Cry Wolf. Atomika has just released his new Trance & Dubstep inspired track entitled, “Crystals.” Definitely take a minute to listen below as you learn more about this promising young producer.

Billionaires – Where does the name Atomika come from?
Atomika – That’s a funny question actually. I was pressed for time before my first gig, and hadn’t come up with a name yet. It was the first thing that popped to mind that sounded good so I rolled with it and never looked back. I found out after choosing the name that it is the name of a superhero from a lesser known comic series as well as the name of a DJ in some videogame.

B – What local and worldwide talent have influenced the music you play and create?
A – I started listening to Trance while I was in Berlin in 2008 so a lot of different European artists have influenced me. Armin Van Buuren, Dash Berlin, Above & Beyond, Sean Tyas, M.I.K.E, and many other mainstream European Trance acts have inspired my love for EDM. The other half of my influence comes from the complextro/dubstep side of EDM with artists like Kill the Noise, Feed Me, Far Too Loud, Xilent, and Seven Lions. Local NC artists that have influenced me are Porter Robinson (everyone forgets he’s from Chapel Hill), Kevin Focus, and another up and coming producer, Doppelganger.

B – So you just finished up your track ‘Locked & Loaded’ with your buddy Ate-Bit Boy. Was this your first production and how was it collaborating with someone on a song? Do you have any other tracks in the works?
A – This was the first song I’ve written a complete arrangement for. I would make bits and pieces of tracks here and there learning about the whole process, but ‘Locked & Loaded’ was the first one that I thought the quality was up to par on so it became my first finished production. A lot of that had to do with collaboration. Collaborating with Emilio was a really positive experience that taught me a lot. He is one of my best friends, and we were able to communicate and express our ideas effectively. The track really came out better because of this, and I feel a lot more comfortable working on my own now. I have a new track [see above] that I actually will have just released when this article is put out. It is a Dubstep track that has a lot of influence from Seven Lions and Xilents sound. I was hooked on their fusion of Trance and Bass music, and have been working hard to do my own thing in that direction. I’m particularly excited to share this one.

B – Had you heard of Billionaires Apparel before this? If so, what have you heard about us?
A – The first time I heard of Billionaires was when I opened up for Cry Wolf in early 2012 in Raleigh. You guys had a table out and I believe you [Kyle] were there. I have gotten to know some more of the Billionaires crew throughout the past year and have always thought of you guys as a consistent and positive voice in the community. I was really excited to see you guys included in the article about EDM clothing brands on Do Androids Dance. I thought you were really deserving of this because of your level of professionalism with the clothing design as well as the way that you guys present yourselves. It’s great to see you guys get the recognition for all the effort.

B – Where would you like to be with your music career in 5 years? What about in 10 years?
A – It’s always been my dream since a young age to support myself through music and have my music signed to a label. I got my first offer from a label for ‘Locked & Loaded’, so in 5 years I aspire have at least one release for a larger label. Hopefully I’ll get hooked up with a good booking agent too. In 10 years I hope to still be releasing material, staying open to change, and avoiding falling off like some musicians do late into their careers.

B – What would you say is your favorite venue that you’ve played and what would be your dream stage?
A – Consistently I would have to say my favorite venue is Southland Ballroom (Raleigh, NC). When the room packs out the energy is fantastic. No other venue has matched that experience over and over like many shows I’ve played at Southland have. I’ve always wanted to play at Lincoln Theatre, which is happening next week actually so I may have a different answer next time. My dream stage would be somewhere with a funktion-one PA that looks like Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado. Obviously any of the mainstream festivals would be a dream come true as well. Who wouldn’t want to share positive energy through music with 200,000 people?

B – Anything else you would like to tell everyone?
A – I just want to thank all the people in the NC dance music community, my friends, and my family that have supported me in what I’ve been doing. I’m really grateful that EDM is reaching and affecting more and more people in a positive way. I hope more and more people continue to explore what this interesting side of music and culture has to offer. Everyone being open minded, compassionate, and non-judgemental in this scene is what makes EDM a deeper experience than other more traditional genres or concerts in my opinion.

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