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We recently had the opportunity to interview Prueph Partiology, a local Charlotte DJ & recent winner of the Audiosyrup competition. Learn more about Prueph & how he got his start in the scene below.

Billionaires - What’s the symbolism behind your production name, “Prueph Partiology?” How did you come up it?
Prueph - While attending NC State University I was asked, ‘What are you studying?’ I replied, ‘I’m here to party, so I guess I’m studying Partiology.’ That’s how I came up with the name of my production company. I came up with ‘Prueph’ after going through a few different DJ names. I started my career as ‘Meatball,’ which was a nickname I had growing up. I changed it to ‘Pimp P’ after [Fuzz] threw a party called, ‘Pimping Ain’t Easy’… and had ‘Pimp P’ put on the flyer. I used it for about a year & then switched it to ‘The Partiologist’ after hanging up my pimp hat & taking a little time off as a DJ to finish up my journalism degree. I switched it to ‘Prueph’, originally ‘Proof’ because if I could take some time off, make a come back, still be known after all the name changes, & make a name for myself that was proof that whatever I set my mind to I can accomplish. I didn’t want to be confused with the rapper, ‘Proof,’ & with internet usage getting more popular, I wanted my name to be easily found so I changed the spelling to ‘Prueph.’

B - Can you tell us a little bit about the overall style of your music & how you tie all of these elements together to create a unique sound?
P - I started off spinning breaks but I didn’t want to class [myself] as a certain type of genre DJ. There are a lot of genre haters out there and will only go to certain events. I like all types of good music and didn’t want to typecast myself. I enjoy telling a story with my mixes taking you on an auditory adventure. I’ll mix songs together with the same theme, words in the title, or artists.

B - Who are some artists that you draw inspiration from?
P - My tastes have changed a lot over the years. I’ve always liked DJs that take old vintage tracks & current music & mixing them together to create something completely original… like Shadow, Cut Chemist, & other DJs with the same mind set. I used to love digging through crates & going to record stores, garage sales, or any place I could find vinyl. I had a Scooby Doo van record player. It ran on batteries & it would spin around the record playing the tracks. Since Serato came out, it has allowed me to run with any song in any direction, which I love! Fixx was always one of my favorite producers. His older stuff was set up where I could run a mix for 2 to 3 minutes. Working the cross-fader back & forth, creating my own song out of the 2 tracks.

B - What / who initially got you into electronic music?
P - I suppose I would have to thank my cousin. He was a few years older then I was and he took me to The Pterodactyl for the first time, where I heard Tober playing upstairs dropping some incredible breaks. I started going there almost every Thursday just to hear him. Then I started getting into the scene, learning more about other genres & going to bigger events. I saved up a few thousand dollars for a down payment on a car & couldn’t get a co-signer. So I took the money and bought a pair of Gemini turntables. I remember taking them out of the box & putting The Beastie Boys’ ‘License To Ill’ on. I released the record and it started slow. I tried it a few more times with the same results. I packed them back up & took them back to the store & upgraded to Technics. What a world of a difference!

B - What are your goals for your music career?
P - I would love to keep playing bigger & bigger events & festivals, have a couple hit dance tracks, & make this DJ thing more than a part time gig. I’d also like to one day own my own venue or club.

B - What is some advice you can give to up & coming artists looking to do the same thing as you’re doing?
P - Keep the passion & love for the music. Don’t let the politics of the scene get to you, & be original. Always think outside the box!


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